Your Body is Your Resource

Through massage, mindfulness, and exercise therapies we increase the body's proprioceptive  awareness and strength, aiding in the recovery of traumatic injury, chronic pain, and anxiety. Through small adjustments in the way we breath, maintain our standing posture, and walk, we can live stronger, longer, and fuller lives.

Internal Dynamic Method

The mind and body are paired systems, each affects the other. Massage, movement and mindfulness in tandem produce greater benefits than any one technique alone.  Through massage our bodies are able to relax and discover a neutral point of tension.  This opens the way for the development of movement and mindfulness practices to increase mobility and reduce pain.  Combining this reduced tension and increased physical awareness with Chinese internal martial arts techniques, increases strength, balance, coordination, and piece of mind. 



With over 25 years of massage experience, working primarily in medical settings treating a variety of soft tissue complaints (TMJ, carpal tunnel, migraine, low back injuries), Jay's treatments focus on returning patients to their daily lives with a deeper understanding of how to manage their environment.  Massage is not a panacea, but combined with structural education and exercise patients can engage in life with more strength and balance.

60 minute massage - $85.00
90 minute massage - $115.00

(971) 325-7055

Jay practices massage at two locations in SE Portland:

Body Mechanics
2512 Southeast 35th Place, Portland, OR 97202

Portland Shaolin Center
3818 Southeast Powell Boulevard, Portland, OR 97202


Personal Training


Mindfulness exercises help develop and strengthen our most powerful skill and commodity: our attention.  Yesterday and tomorrow do not exist, but we often find ourselves slipping forward and backward unbalanced in time and space.  Unaware of our balance and the subtle adjustments our bodies make under the constant stress of gravity, we are vulnerable mentally, emotionally and physically. 

When we are misaligned structurally, our tendency is to overstep with each stride.  This creates unnecessary  pressure on the joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the body.  Practicing control of balance and momentum, we align soft tissues with the power of the joints, stabilizing the body. The goal is to learn to control the balance of the body as it moves in space reducing the physical wear and tear of everyday life. When our bodies hurt less, our minds and hearts are more open to the possibilities of our present moment. 


Level 1

Structure and Balance

One of the greatest dangers to our health, especially as we age, is falling. The first level of Internal Dynamics focuses on building awareness of vertical line of power in the body with exercises that align the joints for maximum sensitivity and structure. Exploring the martial arts concepts of sinking/rooting and rising/spiraling strengthens the hips, legs, and spine. Persons suffering from low back and neck pain will find many simple adjustments in these fundamental exercises to relieve soft tissue pain and reduce future onset. Clients will learn how to absorb and redirect force as away of exploring their structure in a safe and positive environment.

Level 2

Momentum control

Walking takes it tole, especially the way most people do it. Stepping is all about learning to control the weight of your body in motion. Through several different exercises clients will discover how to train for the perfect step. Challenging stepping exercises borrowed form Tai Chi and Ba Gau will help lead the way to path of least resistance and greatest fortune.

Level 3


Contact combines the first 2 levels to explore what happens when we are surprised and unbalanced. Through two-person contact drills clients can begin to exploit the power of giving way and the deflection of unbalancing forces. Flowing nei gong and chi gong drills build full body strength and resilience against asymmetrical forces. Falling strategies are explored for dealing with the inevitable moment gravity catches us off guard.

Level 4 


Whether your training to compete or just looking to push your personal limits, Level 4 focuses on building strength and endurance utilizing body weight and resistance exercises. Martial arts interval training combined with guided meditation help to cement confidence and success in whatever endeavour you seek.

Self Defense-Striking-Sparring

Immediate Disclaimer:

Self Defense covers a lot of ground. There are difficult emotional and psychological issues involved in truly learning to defend yourself in a real-world situation. I do not pretend to be able to provide training for all situations. The level of surprise and violence one encounters in reality is immense and difficult to train for. Ultimately a daily practice of persistent awareness of one’s environment is the greatest skill to stay out of harms way. The fundamentals of self defense involve understanding predator psychology and contact strategies. What you will learn is how to identify unsafe spaces, people, and the physics of avoiding or escaping restraint.

The Striking Class is designed to provide the fundamentals necessary for making strong contact with a target. First we begin with learning how to effectively use elbows for striking, blocking and piercing. The beginning three levels of mindfulness and movement (standing, stepping, and contact) of training are repeated and emphasized here as they are primary. From elbows we move to knees and kicks. The next step is how to strike with a weapon, developing skills drawn from stick fighting and investigating the use of improvised weapons. This is followed by practicing common techniques for escaping wrist grabs and holds. Striking with the hands is the final examination of theses sessions and will teach a variety of methods and shapes of the hand for optimum effect and minimum self harm.

Sparring Sessions is for the martial artist who is seeking to increase their sparring skills. With over 25 years of experience, Jay is happy to share the tricks, techniques, and drills that will show you how to hit, deflect, capture, and throw your opponent.



"Some time ago I fell and fractured my wrist. I wanted to improve my balance and started working with Jay to learn and practice Tai’ Chi. Jay is infinitely patient and willing to go at my pace. He effectively explains and demonstrates each movement, and he seems to know when I am ready to learn a new concept, or a when to explore a known move from a different perspective. I appreciate how he pays attention and encourages me to more fully explore what I have learned. Jay’s explanation of the philosophy and history of tai’ chi as a martial art have also helped me learn the movements. Now my balance and proprioception has been utterly transformed in everyday activities. I am aware of how I carry myself, what my posture is, and how I am moving through space. He is also a great massage therapist! I recommend him." MB

"I've been working with Jay as a martial artist and massage client for over fifteen years and am constantly impressed by the breadth of his knowledge and the pace with which he adds to it. As a martial artist and teacher he is always pushing me in new directions while at the same time exploring the relationship between these new experiences and what I (thought I) already knew. As an anatomist and therapist he is constantly reshaping his approach in response to changes in my body and his knowledge and never fails to execute with a loving, intuitive touch." ML

"Jay is one of the best people I've ever worked with through out the years of my martial arts journey. Being my movement coach, Jay has helped me accomplished a lot of physical goals I have as a martial artist and as a dancer." KP

"Very clear and articulate instruction aimed at the points of concern I cited when we began. Enough repetition to achieve competence but not so much as to result in boredom. endless positive support for effort never ridicule for falling short of perfection. Would recommend wholeheartedly without reservation." SF

"I have been visiting Jay Twitchell for massage therapy treatments for many years. I've been fortunate to meet many high level massage practitioners in my life and Jay is one of the best. His knowledge, experience and manner are second to none."JF

"Jay has an incredible ability to know when to use a soft touch and when to dig in deep. I've had quite a number of masseurs work on me throughout the years and his knowledge is unsurpassed. I'd recommend him to anyone, hands down". DF

"Jay is a great massage therapist. He's one of the only people I trust to work on me while I'm injured. He's very adept at knowing what's beneficial and what's not." TB

"Jay is one of the most caring and intuitive people I've ever known. He's always concerned about the whole person and is a highly experienced, true professional."DC