Internal Dynamics


The mind and body are paired systems, each informs the other. All body work is mind work. The portion of the brain that controls communication is and also responsible for movement. Internal Dynamics utilizes postural awareness, meditation, momentum exercises and massage to improve mental and physical coordination.

People in pain first focus on relief. Massage provides relief to every system in the body and creates a passive way to become more mindful of the unconscious tension held in the tissues of the body. This opens the way for the development of body mindfulness exercises to increase mobility, reduce pain.  The next, it’s time to challenge you.

The goal for every session should be to discover potential.


Your Body is Your Resource

Our greatest commodity is our attention.  Internal Dynamics is attention management via physical awareness. Increasing the various dimensions of mental focus and physical awareness, not by just sitting but through physical challenges that expand our knowledge of ourselves. Unaware of our balance and the subtle adjustments our bodies make under the constant pressure of gravity, we are vulnerable mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Module 1

Structure and Balance

One of the greatest dangers to our health, especially as we age, is falling. The first level of Internal Dynamics focuses on building awareness of the vertical line of power in the body with exercises that align the joints for maximum sensitivity and structure. Exploring the martial arts concepts of sinking/rooting and rising/spiraling strengthens the hips, legs, and spine. Persons suffering from low back and neck pain will find many simple adjustments in these fundamental exercises to relieve soft tissue pain and reduce future onset. Clients will learn how to absorb and redirect force as away of exploring their structure in a safe and positive environment.

Module 2

Momentum control

Walking takes it toll, especially the way most people do it. Stepping is all about learning to control the weight of your body in motion. When we are misaligned structurally, we overstep with each stride.  This creates unnecessary  pressure on the joints and soft tissues of the body.  Practicing balance, we align with the power of the joints, stabilizing the body. 

The goal is to learn to control the balance of the body as it moves in space reducing the physical wear and tear of everyday life. When our bodies hurt less, our minds and hearts are more open to the possibilities of our present moment. Through several different exercises clients will discover how to train for the perfect step. Challenging stepping exercises borrowed form various martial arts will help lead the way to path of least resistance and greatest fortune.

Module 3


Contact combines the first 2 levels to explore what happens when we are surprised and unbalanced. Through two-person contact drills clients can begin to exploit the power of giving way and the deflection of unbalancing forces. Flowing nei gong and chi gong drills build full body strength and resilience against asymmetrical forces. Falling strategies are explored for dealing with the inevitable moment gravity catches us off guard.

Module 4 


Whether you’re training to compete or just looking to push your personal limits, Level 4 focuses on building strength and endurance utilizing body weight and resistance exercises. Martial arts interval training combined with guided meditation help to cement confidence and success in whatever endeavor you seek.

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Massage & Conditioning

With over 25 years of massage experience, working primarily in medical settings treating a variety of soft tissue complaints (TMJ, carpal tunnel, migraine, low back injuries), Treatments focus on returning patients to their daily lives with a deeper understanding of how to manage their environment.  Massage is not a panacea, but combined with structural education and exercise patients engage in life with more strength and balance. Purchase individual sessions or a package by clicking on the links below.

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90 minute Session - $115.00 or 3 for $300

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Employee Wellness

Relaxed Body=Calm Mind=Great Work

Internal Dynamics develops our ability to deal with stress. Investing in employee’s wellness transforms their engagement and empowers them.  It can be challenging to find time to keep healthy and mindful during the day-to-day stresses of modern life.  The following menu provides an idea of the number of ways you can invest in the well being of the people who support your business.

  • Postural Integration

  • Personalized exercise and stretching programs

  • Meditation and visualization training

  • Tai Chi Group Classes