Wellness Through

 Massage & Movement

Massage and movement therapies increase proprioceptive  awareness and aid in the recovery of traumatic injury and chronic pain. Through small adjustments in the way we breath, maintain our standing posture, and walk, we can live stronger, longer, and fuller lives.



With over 20 years of massage experience, working primarily in medical settings treating a variety of soft tissue complaints (TMJ, carpal tunnel, migraine, low back injuries), Jay's treatments focus on returning patients to their daily lives with a deeper understanding of how to manage their environment.  Massage is not a panacea, but combined with structural education and exercise patients can engage in life with more strength and balance.


60 minute massage - $80.00
90 minute massage - $110.00

(971) 325-7055


Jay practices massage at two locations in SE Portland:

Body Mechanics
2512 Southeast 35th Place, Portland, OR 97202

Portland Shaolin Center
3818 Southeast Powell Boulevard, Portland, OR 97202




Practicing control of momentum through meditative movement exercises, helps align soft tissues with the power of the joints. Becoming aware of how to get more energy out of less effort means we accumulate less stress. Through the exploration of walking we reduce the accumulated stress from the impact of each and every step of our lives. 



Through feeling, focus and force we shape ourselves and the world around us.  The mind and body are paired systems, each affects the other. Massage, movement and meditation in tandem will create greater benefits than any one practice alone.  Through massage our bodies are able to reach towards the mind and discover a neutral point of tension.  This opens the way for great development of meditative practices and increased mobility.  Combining this reduced tension and increased physical awareness with Martial Arts techniques increase focus of both the body and mind.

From this standpoint we are able to better identify and realize the true problems we are facing both physically and mentally.  Then, with time, we can approach these issues from a state of awareness and work towards improving the mind and body's relationship.