Recommended Reading   

-Peak Performance- A Journalist and Coach team-up to present the latest in performance science from the fields of art, science, and athletics. Stories from a wide range of high performers help illustrate the importance of Stress, Rest, Community, and Purpose.

-Never Split the Difference: How to Negotiate Like Your Life Depends On It- A Former FBI hostage negotiator shares his technique for communicating deep empathy, understanding and respect to get the best deal for everyone. As an aside of began using the techniques to negotiate with myself.

-Live the Best Story of Your Life- Writing a new life might be the best way to get the ball rolling for changing everything. Discover the power of personal narratives and understanding how imagining the best you might very well help you become a better you.

-Unf$%k Yourself-This Scottish Life coach is not f#$king around. He doesn't waste your time with platitudes. He doesn't reassure you everything is going to be ok. Discover what it means to be relentless in this completely no nonsense guide to getting out of your own way.

-Incognito- Your life is mostly autopilot. Discover the undiscovered mind that is running most of everything that you aren’t really paying attention, New research helps us understand what moves us when we think we are standing still.

-Flow-Sometimes it feels like time disappears and we can’t do anything wrong. Whether your an athlete or artist, there is a state of mind you can enter that allows for the exceptional expression of your talents and skills, that called Flow. Discover the science behind this time bending and swe inducing frame of mind.

-Play-Stuart Brown’s study of how Play affects our psychological, physiological, and emotional growth. Its super short but powerful.

-Spark- Delivers the research on how exercise primes the brain for learning and resilience. while most of the research follows kids and how short runs int he morning improve their overall academic performance, it all so is touching on neural plasticity.

-How to Change Your Mind- Michael Pollen returns with his personal investigation of psychedelics. He provides a legal and scientific history of LSD as well as his personal experience. He covers the current studies involving depression, addiction, and coming to terms with our mortality.