Self Defense-Striking-Sparring

Immediate Disclaimer:

Self Defense covers a lot of ground. There are difficult emotional and psychological issues involved in truly learning to defend yourself in a real-world situation. I do not pretend to be able to provide training for all situations. The level of surprise and violence one encounters in reality is immense and difficult to train for. Ultimately a daily practice of persistent awareness of one’s environment is the greatest skill to stay out of harms way. The fundamentals of self defense involve understanding predator psychology and contact strategies. What you will learn is how to identify unsafe spaces, people, and the physics of avoiding or escaping restraint.

The Striking Class is designed to provide the fundamentals necessary for making strong contact with a target. First we begin with learning how to effectively use elbows for striking, blocking and piercing. The beginning three levels of mindfulness and movement (standing, stepping, and contact) of training are repeated and emphasized here as they are primary. From elbows we move to knees and kicks. The next step is how to strike with a weapon, developing skills drawn from stick fighting and investigating the use of improvised weapons. This is followed by practicing common techniques for escaping wrist grabs and holds. Striking with the hands is the final examination of theses sessions and will teach a variety of methods and shapes of the hand for optimum effect and minimum self harm.

Sparring Sessions is for the martial artist who is seeking to increase their sparring skills. With over 25 years of experience, Jay is happy to share the tricks, techniques, and drills that will show you how to hit, deflect, capture, and throw your opponent.