“My work as an attorney requires me to constantly jump into situations that are confrontational, contentious and stressful. Jay is a connoisseur of difficult situations. He teaches strategies and techniques that apply equally well to a confrontation in a boardroom, a courtroom, or a bar. The basic concepts that Jay teaches can be transformative: completely shifting the way you respond to aggression; remaking the way you hold, move and relate to your own body; expanding your ability to spot both dangers and opportunities. All of this has been incredibly valuable to me in my legal work. Training with Jay has also been a lot of fun. I come away from every session with not only something to practice and something to think about – but also a lighter heart.” AB

“The bodywork work here by Jay Twitchell is phenomenal. I come several times a month for a customized, restorative treatment that always leaves me feeling renewed! His deep knowledge of body mechanics paired with intuitive nature can’t be beat!”KM

“Training with Jay has been nothing but beneficial. His skill, intuition, kindness and—perhaps most importantly to me—sense of humor provide the firm foundation of his excellence as a teacher. I've repeatedly discovered that what I learn from him has a profound effect not only on the physical and mental facets of my martial arts training, but also throughout my day-to-day life. I can't recommend working with him highly enough." JH

“I get regular therapeutic massages from Jay Twitchell at Body Mechanics. Every time I leave, not only do I feel relaxed, but my body seems to be in a better place than when I first got there. I recently was in to work on a troubled area and Jay understood exactly what other parts of the body needed attention as well to help the area that was in distress. He listens to you what ails you and then brings his experience to help problem solve the pain to provide relief. So thankful to have Jay in my wellness corner!”EN

“Some time ago I fell and fractured my wrist. I wanted to improve my balance and started working with Jay to learn and practice Tai’ Chi. Jay is infinitely patient and willing to go at my pace. He effectively explains and demonstrates each movement, and he seems to know when I am ready to learn a new concept, or a when to explore a known move from a different perspective. I appreciate how he pays attention and encourages me to more fully explore what I have learned. Jay’s explanation of the philosophy and history of tai’ chi as a martial art have also helped me learn the movements. Now my balance and proprioception has been utterly transformed in everyday activities. I am aware of how I carry myself, what my posture is, and how I am moving through space. He is also a great massage therapist! I recommend him." MB

"I've been working with Jay as a martial artist and massage client for over fifteen years and am constantly impressed by the breadth of his knowledge and the pace with which he adds to it. As a martial artist and teacher he is always pushing me in new directions while at the same time exploring the relationship between these new experiences and what I (thought I) already knew. As an anatomist and therapist he is constantly reshaping his approach in response to changes in my body and his knowledge and never fails to execute with a loving, intuitive touch." ML

"Jay is one of the best people I've ever worked with through out the years of my martial arts journey. Being my movement coach, Jay has helped me accomplished a lot of physical goals I have as a martial artist and as a dancer." KP

"Very clear and articulate instruction aimed at the points of concern I cited when we began. Enough repetition to achieve competence but not so much as to result in boredom. endless positive support for effort never ridicule for falling short of perfection. Would recommend wholeheartedly without reservation." SF

"I have been visiting Jay Twitchell for massage therapy treatments for many years. I've been fortunate to meet many high level massage practitioners in my life and Jay is one of the best. His knowledge, experience and manner are second to none."JF

"Jay has an incredible ability to know when to use a soft touch and when to dig in deep. I've had quite a number of masseurs work on me throughout the years and his knowledge is unsurpassed. I'd recommend him to anyone, hands down". DF

"Jay is a great massage therapist. He's one of the only people I trust to work on me while I'm injured. He's very adept at knowing what's beneficial and what's not." TB

"Jay is one of the most caring and intuitive people I've ever known. He's always concerned about the whole person and is a highly experienced, true professional."DC